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 First Thoughts: TFOC

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PostSubject: First Thoughts: TFOC   Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:23 am

3 days with the Transformers FOC demo and these are my thoughts:

> 12 players, a bit more hectic than 10 but a bit funner as well

> First of all, I started out right in multiplayer, thrown into a world without double jumps or kill streaks...I soon found out these two previous items did not exist.
- My first response to finding the game did not have a double jump feature was pure rage, why the fuck would you take out the double jump and limit our mobility? Something that made WFC stand out.
- At first I found this appalling until I learned how to sprint and dodge more easily, it's a nice little addition especially since they took out the double jump, keeping some mobility in play. Thankfully they added the sprint feature in or the game would be Halo like slow. Still pissed about the of the dbl though.

> Also you can only choose one ability per character mapping, that ability is mapped to the right bumper. The left bumper by default on every class is Scout's old Dash ability.
- It's a bummer not having the 2nd ability option, however having the dash locked to your 2nd ability is a nice addition, again do to the removal of the dbl jump, as it adds some flare to the old strafe and shoot type fights which are all too predictable.

> An Unreal Championship twist to transformers, they took out killstreaks but put in a couple pickups on the map, ones that are and correspond to the killstreaks in War for Cybertron. On the demo map they have two pickups, one that is basically Health Matrix 2.0 the old 5 Kill, Kill streak ability for the Scout and one that is the killstreak version of Ammo Beacon for the Soldier.

> The Graphics are better, everything has a bit more metallic look to it. The weapons sound cleaner but I think it'll take some getting use to as they are more of a ping than a pow in this one.

> Really would like to see how some more loadouts and abilities would work on the different classes already. Would like to play as the Leader ( forget the new names for classes ) but the loadout on the demo is horrible, you get a rocket launcher that works good in most instances only against vehicles and a fusion cannon type weapon, that looks the same as the old one but deals minimal splash damage.

> Still no problem to have a high Point score or K/D ratio - though not quite as easy as TWFC where we could go 23-3 without really trying, I had to "try" a bit for that score on here Smile

> I don't see the addition of any overshields, which I couldn't care less about anyway... The game uses a health and overshield system much like Halo 1, where you have a shield that would take a certain amount of damage, it then drops and the person is damaged directly with every connected shot afterwards. After taking no damage for 3-5 second your shield starts to regenerate. This is both a pro and a con: It's nice because it gives you a bit of an extra health boost coming out of a 1v1 fight in this game but it can also slow down playtime.

> I like how they did the upgrades, you get an upgrade slot on each of your two weapons and your mapped ability.

> No more side or barrel rolls while in vehicle form, also vehicle to robot transition not as smooth as TWFC

> The Dash can feel a bit floaty, especially from heights, and when used by scouts. Something with an Unreal feel that I think fits well with the new game.

> I do enjoy being able to run at a full sprint and jab out with the sprint melee combo then blast away.

> I find that I would like them to increase the camera sensitivity, after the first two games I shot mine up to 100% just to be able to do what I wanted to, I'd still like it about 15-20% faster though.

> A Conquest +++ if you're capping a hill and accidentally step off for a second, just go back on the hill and you'll be at the same % you were when you left the area, they don't start back over but keep a constant decepticon/autobot percentage

> The Guns: I can't really say for the Leader because I'm crap with his load out, but everything seems to be better to me. Maybe that or they just switched more of the guns to fire and hit using client side idk. But the scouts Scatter and Path Blasters kick ass, I was quite surprised.

> Bit more difficult to go 1 v 2/3 on this one

Would anyone let me know if they think the leader has a stronger melee too? It seems like it.

** Also...Scientists have a heal ability that they can use while fighting that connects them with a close player they can heal...I've already seen 3 scientist hook up and use this ability on each other all while fighting, nothing a cloak and scatter blaster couldn't deal with but I wonder wtf would happen if that were 6 scientists doing that and hugging each others nutz ?!

- Haha played with a guy lll RedMist lll the other day, already glitched demo and made a soldier with shockwave which isn't available in the demo. Only person I've seen that has done that yet though, he claims some bs about working for high moon finding their glitches, which I guess is feasible but I thought he said find not exploit which he was doing, getting a one hit kill on anything within the radius of his shockwave. Sent me a message after I trashed talked him with Grindout for some obvious exploit saying that "I am High Moon" lol


It's not TWFC but it's pretty damn close. It's a bit different, a little nerfed down, a little souped up, but despite all the changes the fact still remains this sequel will be ran by those that possess true skill as was War for Cybertron.

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First Thoughts: TFOC
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